HEy all

just a few question

Should i get a 250w ashton 1 x 15 bass cabinet, which i found in guitar paradise for $250 on sale from $500 and a ashdown 180 head, or some other head for band practise and possibly small gigs...... so total about 650-700

Or would i best be suited with a 180wat Ashown EB15180 Combo for practise and small gigs for about 637 dollars

guitarist has a 100wat marshal btw

Stack if you want to lug around 100 pounds. Combo if your not performing in auditoriums and such.
Imo, for bass, you need at least 150 watts for practice (Which would just cover you cranked) and about 250 for small gigs. My school has a 100 watt bass amp with a 15" speaker which was just bearly audible in a sound proofed room, lifted off the table and cranked full with the rest of the band.