I'm thinking about getting up some money and paying for me and my dad to turn our garage into a massive room for me...has anyone ever done this? how hard and expensive would it be?
What do you mean? Like a bedroom or what.

If so just throw a bed in there and you are done. It would be cold though, even if you carpet it
more lights

a bed

decoration (TV and computer)

and youre done, it will get cold so...get creative, i would just get some stuff to cover up since i like cold weather under 10 tons of sheets =)
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Cement still gets a lot colder than the air.
i thought you would have to like insulate it and everything and carpet and stuff, i'm talking about turning it into like an actual bedroom, not a garage with a bed and chairs in it...and plus it would need wireing for cable and more outlets and stuff. and i was thinking more like taking down the actual garage door, but now that i think about it it would be a ton cheaper to just leave it, the house would look stupid without it there. maybe i could put like a huge piece of black cloth on that same of the room
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yea there is a ton of spiders and junk in mine, but i figure thats just cause all the stuff in there now, and the easy acces from the open door. should be fine from all that after i clean it out and stuff
it'd be free if you turned Super Saiyan and blasted the walls out of the way. DUH!
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Clean the concrete floors, lay carpet, move your stuff into there. That's a room. Like any other room. Buy you might want to put different lighting in.
yea, so im probably just gonna make sure i have enough outlets and stuff and a cable in there then lay carpets, and get a big black peice of cloth and drape it over the garage door, and maybe spraypaint on it and stuff. and eventually put a door and window on the side of it to have my own little entrance and exit the carpet and stuff shouldn't be expensive at all, but the door and window might be
I have always wanted to do that...

To bad we don't have a garage!

You should do it!

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im in the process of doing it now:P its fairly easy if your technically minded could cost you a bit depending on how warm you want it to be
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Why would you spend that much money to be in a room you're not going to occupy for long? Unless you're planning on staying there until you're in your mid forties.
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