alright man., lately ive been trying to improvise by myslelf or jam with people and all that comes out of me are power chords that sound the same, solos for hours and some open chords. i like need some help from guitar players who know what im talking about and could give me some suggestions of what to do. thank you
I usually do the same, i can make loads of songs with power chords that are catchy.
When it came to putting more in, i learnt scales (most people will say scales help) and other things like octaves.

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If you're playing with a low enough amount of overdrive so as not to muddy it up, use lots of barre chords.
keep on doin what ur doin man! perfect it! make it better! thats the way i went. u can never rush learning, just like how you can never rush improvement. it sounds like if you want to perfect what your doing, you should listen to some nirvana. they have simple power chords and awesomely easy solos, and still sound like the most kickass band of the 90s