ive been searching around for a new acoustic and ive heard good things about the Alvarez RD8BR.
what i was wondering is, because its a dreadnought i assume its louder than a normal acoustic.
does anyone know if its too loud to be able to sing over and still be heard
I don't know how anyone can possible answer your question but I will say it depends on your playing style and your singing ability. My dad plays primarily a Martin D-28 and boy does he play that thing hard. Martins project well played softly but he can still sing over that thing when playing. Being that the Alvarez you are considering is a low end guitar I'm inclined to believe you shouldn't have a problem but that's just a total guess. Actually on second thought I can't think of a reason why you'd have a problem. People sing while playing dreadnoughts all the time. See if you can find the guitar at a guitar shop to try out. See how you like it and you'll answer your own question.
As the above poster said, people sing and play dreadnoughts all the time, im sure youll be fine. If you are having trouble being heard theres lots of remedies: Softer strumming, thinner picks, lighter strings to name a few.
My dread is sometimes too loud for me to sing over. There's two good solutions in my opinion.

1. Open your mouth more, open up your airway, and sing louder
2. Play quieter without losing the agression(however much that may be) in your strumming/playing. Don't just play quieter. The feeling of the song itself needs to be reserved, but the volume needs to go down.
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