So, I've got this amp that just has a power cord coming out the back and I'd like to add the detachable cord socket plug thingy....but I don't know what the hell its called, if someone can direct me to an eBay link or provide the proper name of it, that would be great. I've added a pic so you know what I'm talking about. All my other amps have this type of plug and its also the same you'd find on a computer but I just don't know what its called or where to find one.

This is NOT my amp, just a pic of what I want to ADD to my amp.
Go go radioshack buddy. and ask for a male chassis power plug. Thats what they call them in NZ. Just ask for a standered computer chassis socket and they will know
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Found one!! thanks for the quick help guys. i was able to find a few on ebay and found that its also called an IEC connector!!