I've currently got 2 pedals that just didn't get enough love from me, and I hate to say it but I think it's best if I part with them.

The Bass Micro Synth (was 279$) and Q-Tron+ (was 171$) pedal were purchased under 3 months ago, I've got everything that came in the boxes (brand new).

The only issue is the Q-Tron+ power supply that came with the pedal was DoA, but they can be purchased literally for 10$.

The other item I have for sale is my old bass (Squier MB-4; 199$), which has been taken good care of, and has been here for about 2 years. It does have a decent sized chip taken out of it from when I was in High School and my Band teacher insisted I let the drummer play a little bit... he didn't tell me about it, and unfortunatly I found it myself. If your interested I'll send pictures of the bass.

I can also include with the bass the gig bag I used with it.

I'm willing to trade these items for a MicroKORG synthesizer, otherwise let me know if anyone is interested in these items!