Ok, I'll do it, guitar was tuned by my ear, so I was confident that it's not perfectly in tune.
nawiasem mówiąc jestem z polski :P i nie mam nauczyciela więc się tu wkleiłem :P
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well...for one year on guitar is not that bad...work on your tone as already said to you...hmm, and the fast parts need to be improved, but keep working
Hey man, another one year guitar player here. I think you did a good job on it, Fade To Black is one of my favorite Metallica songs as well. A few mistakes like the ones mentioned above but they arent all that noticable to me. I'd be proud to call it mine if i did it thats for sure, so congratulations.

And if you want to, I havent any comments on this yet if you dont mind leaving one on it.
Thanks, You gave new faith in my ability... but I'll keep on working! xD
Could use some work but great effort. Didn't like your distortion though but it's decent. You're a great player. Practice more and you'll get it. Work on your hammer ons and bends. overall nice good cover

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Man hear:

It's not bad, but you must working on your: Bends, was fakes on your bends, tune your guitar like its need to be, In the peace that have velocity you missed, was mistake.

Work and improve!!

Hope you succefully!!
I think I know where, You mean the fast parts, near the end of the solo, before couple of this bends on 22 fret, am I right? Yes, it is a mistake...