Hey guys, i'm pretty new in this forum but some of you might have seen me around. I am primarily a bassist but i have been playing guitar in my band for about a year and a half.

We had a gig planned for tomorrow night in a music club but the drummer couldn't make it. No problem, we thought and borrowed another decent drummer to fill in for him, but yesterday, the rhythm guitarist told me that he couldn't get there either.

So the problem is that the club owners (who are the bassists aunt and uncle) are desperately in need of money and we offered to do them a small gig in their club to raise funds and popularity, but now the other drummer has decided he's rather go to play ice hockey, its just me and the bassist.

So i've suggested that i do an acoustic set (from an hour to 2 hours), rather than play our bands normal set with just two of us, but it will be to the same crowd of people that we have following our band around, who only like metal and some who like emo/hardcore, plus a few indie fans. I don't really fancy playing any of that sort of stuff on an acoustic (except the indie), but what sort of songs could i play to get a good reaction from the crowd?

At the moment I have:

Angels and Airwaves- The Adventure acoustic
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face Down acoustic
Stereophonics- Dakota
Oasis- Wonderwall
" - Don't look back in anger
Stone Sour- Through Glass
Johnny Cash- Hurt
" -San Quentin
Plain White T's- Hey there Delilah

Thanks a lot


EDIT: I'll add them as you suggest them
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Some Johnny Cash maybe? i imagine most of them might know Hurt, you could play his version of that

Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer

Lisa Loeb is always good
Rockin' shit
Rise Against - swing life away
Metallica - nothing else matters
Quote by jimmyhotpants
Some Johnny Cash maybe?

that is actually a great idea, as i know quite a few who like Cash, i'll try either hurt or san quentin, those are my favourites! thanks jimmy!
maybe some old blues tunes like Rory Gallagher did. Some Lynyrd Skynyrd maybe?
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Quote by Xeus
do hey there delilah but make up your own amusing lyrics

ahh, well, there was a little problem about that song. a few months ago a rumour went out that i cried whenever i heard that song. might just do it for fun though...set it straight...
Do some acoustic versions of your own songs, your fans will find that intersting or if you don't write your own songs do some of your usual covers but in a slower way, like metal in a swing rhythm ... try and be creative like that. It'll pay off if done correctly.
How about Gary Moore - Always Gonna Love You. or some old Beatles, or some late60's -early 70s stuff, just put a different jist to them.
Tuesday's Gone -LS
Creep- STP
Dust In The Wind- Kansas
Fortunate Son- CCR
Flight of the Conchords are a good bet, the lyrics are funny, so even if kids dont really like they style theyll be able to laugh at them. The same goes for Tenacious D
Yeah tenacious D is always good aslong as people know the song they can just sing along lol.
Perhaps some A Perfect Circle? Three Libras is a good'n.
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