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Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe
4 21%
Jackson RR24 Snow White
15 79%
Voters: 19.
Right so im going to be getting one of these beauties very soon
but the thing is that they are just so similiar in spec & price that im struggling to make that final decision..so id just like to see how they both weigh up in all of UGs eyes & basically which one guitarists prefer...

Either way ill be getting it in white, so the Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe model/Jackson RR24 Snow White w/Black Bevels & will be putting in an SD Blackout in the near future

Obviously im not going to make this rather large money decision based solely on this poll & thread but i just need more peoples personnal opinions & if possible some owners opinions as the fact that i cant quite decide on one is driving me up the wall...

Im leaning towards the Edwards atm because it has a cooler paintjob, sweet scythe inlays, deep cutaway & cuz im a bit of an alexi fanboy
im thinking about the Jackson however cuz i prefer the black hardware & Jackson headstocks own! but then again i think the scythe inlays just about edge out the shark fins for originality...
damn it why cant i just pick one

please help!


edit: pics here -
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I have the RR24 and it's amazing, I love everything about it. The look, the feel the sound.

The copound fingerboard radius is so easy to play. Comphortable near the nut, and insanley fast towards the pickups. Coupled with the neck profile and the extra jumbo frets it's so effortless to play.

I love the RR shape when sat down, and when stood up i love it so much that all other shapes now feel like there clumsy and parts like top cutaways get in the way.

It sounds awsome with the EMG 81, the build quality is spotless. The hardware is rock solid, the tuning stability is immence. Honestly the RR24 is unbelivable, I could rant about all day.

But i haven't played an edwards, and I understand the specs are simular. To find out witch is best for you your better trying out both. But I persoanlly recomend the RR24
RR shape of Jackson>ESP RV. Plus the pickup on the edwards is the ****tiest EMG has. RR24 has a cool EMG 81 which really gets it on!!! Neck is great and the FR is great also.

NOt to mention its so much easier to get a Jackson.
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