actually quiet good very rush sort of feel i like the whole set up and flow sound good once recorded properly

the solo fines, i wouldnt call it epic, epic Meaning what an awesome great beautiful song

but its great man i find it awesome
I liked it - i think it would work really well with lyrics/vocals. I found myself almost making stuff up to sing over the top (probably a good thing i didnt as my singing sucks!!!)

Anyways my favorite part was 113 to 136 the semi piano solo then the guitar solo over the top - i definitely enjoyed that bit.

I thought that maybe the intro was 1 or 2 bars too long but again that depends on whether you have words to sing over the top etc.

I havent got much more to say as i'm very new to writing music but i did enjoy this piece. If you could take a look at my first piece To Wonder (link in my sig that would be cool)
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