I prefer set necks to bolt-on, it provides better top-fret access
Bolt on necks are 'bolted on'
Set necks are glued into the socket so require less surrounding wood
Neck-thru is still win though
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but with it being glued in on a set neck , wont that make it come lose eventually or break easier , it just seems really cheap to me
It's more fragile, but no it won't usually come loose if you treat it right, and you get better tone and sustain
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but with it being glued in on a set neck , wont that make it come lose eventually or break easier , it just seems really cheap to me

Bolt-ons are cheaper.
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2^set necks don't have better sustain. Actually, they don't sustain as well, but you were right about everything else.
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if done correctly, a set neck is extremely strong and has the most wood on wood contact.

if you ever need a new neck a bolt on is easy to swap.

in either case, the make and model guitar are most important when determining quality, not the type of neck joint.

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There are very little differences as far as tone is concerned. A very well put together set-neck, like a Gibson Classic, or Custom, will have slightly better sustain than a bolt on, on the other hand if the bolt on neck is a very tight joint it can be equally as good. Through necks have the best sustain peroid. IMHO As far as sustain goes through necks > set necks= or >Bolt ons. but really its not that big of difference, with my amp kranked a little I can hold a note all day long, with my bolt neck Telecaster.
The setneck, thru neck, bolt neck debate has raged for a long time. Bolt necks are easier to make and therefore cheaper. But then again agile can make and sell a set neck for not much more than bolt neck squire. And there are really expensive bolt necks like the guitar vai and satriani use. Thru necks are never cheap. Bolt necks if you want a different fret board or break the headstock. 4 screws and problem solved. You break an under 1500 dollar set neck its usually cheaper to throw them away as getting a neck replaced is expensive. And thru necks that cant be glued are pretty much firewood.
If bolt necks werent any good fender would have been out of business long ago. Set necks dont always have easier upper fret access. And the more sustain thing isnt a proven scientific fact. Its more of conjecture and "somebody told me so its probably true". There are no absolutes in this area its simple preference for most.
there isn't really a "better" choice. Bolt on necks are good for people who bash their guitars around - if you kill the neck, you can get a new one, also i prefer them as i'm less paranoid about them shifting forwards. Set necks supposedly provide more sustain, but this isn't really true if you have a good quality bolt-on neck though. Its a matter of preference, and it doesn't really matter that much, until you do a pete townshend impression or a failed guitar spin and break it, in which case a bolt-on neck is a good idea as its cheaper to repair.

i also agree that thru-neck = win.

edit: and Tackleberry, have you ever heard of adam black guitars? they make a thru-neck model which costs about £120... at least, i think it was adam black. I know i've seen a bunch of identical thru-neck guitars, brand new, for £120, lined up at a guitar show (music live, in birmingham, last year.)
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^^^Generally neck thrus are more expensive. Generally set necks are more expensive than bolt necks, BUT now agile makes em pretty cheap. As I said there are no set rules when it come to this stuff anymore. As for a 120pound guitar or at current exchange rates 240 bucks. 240 bucks doesnt buy much of a guitar anymore so I would definatly pass on a neck thru for that price.
No never heard of adam black guitars, but there are tons of small companies Ive never heard of. Most because they dont bother to make lefty guitars. If they dont have a lefty model no point in looking. I tried to get info on adam black guitars and all that really comes up is a myspace page. Gonna need better than that for me to look at their stuff.
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