Well, I was just going to go to DELL by default, but maybe you pitmonkeys know of something better.

Alright, so here's what I want from a brand:

- Customization orders, where you customize everything from color to RAM to the video card.

- Not a Mac. Nothing against it, it's just that some softwares I want aren't compatible with them.

- Great quality, no back alley nerds building and shipping laptops.
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who says that anyone who makes laptops will have a ****tier build than commercial firm?

and go alienware
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Well, I was going to recommend a mac but..

Sony's a good brand if you have loads of cash. A dell can be a good buy, but nearly everyone I've seen has a cracked case. But then again, you could always buy a MacBook and install XP on it :p
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I've been told that Alienware's very nice, but also very expensive imo...
Sony's good too.. But also pretty expensive..
Don't buy Dell, unless you get a topmodel.. The cheaper models arn't that good, and they're fugly...