Okay, I'll post this here since I posted this in the Songwriting thread and there was only one reply in two days.

Alright, so hear me out...

I want to write songs. Now for me, I have a metal band that I'm in and i've got a routine down for writing songs for that, but I want to start something new. I love Nine Inch Nails a lot and I want to sing. For the band I'm in, I only do guitar. I want to start my own "Nine Inch Nails", if you will. In a sense that Trent makes his own music and his own lyrics, it's all him and all his music. Also, I don't wan to make metal, I want to make the same type of music Trent does. So regarding that, I have some questions..

To be frank, I have no idea how to write a song like that. How to make the beats, write the lyrics. I really want to make songs that are like Nine Inch Nails. Don't get me wrong, I want my own sound, but I really like what Nine Inch Nails has done because it's so different from everything else. I want to know how the writing process should go, how do lyrics get that deep and flow so well, how do the lyrics and music fall in line in such a unique and beautiful way? Basically I want to learn what Trent does but make my own music with his methods. I don't know if I want to sound like him or not, to be honest I'm really confused at to what I want right now, but I know I really want to make that "kind" of music and I have no idea how to go about it, so help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, one more thing, I remember very few lines of him talking about when he talks about how he writes his music. Now I want to know, when he says music, does he means the actual music, or the lyrics? Which does he write first? If you write the music first or vice-versa, how does that go and which does Trent do? Thanks again.
Why not just go on a NIN binge, and take notes about everything?

I suppose if you were going to the same kind of thing, you would have to download a drum program/machine, and learn how to program beats with that, so you are learning on your own, instead of doing the same stuff as Trent.

If you want it to be good, and to make people listen to it, you're gonna have to do something other than NIN-part 2.

tl;dr take notes and try and figure stuff out for yourself

EDIT: And when I mean notes about everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

What kind of rhythms are going on in each beat (write them down in a format you can understand), the chord progressions write a list, figure out the chord progressions, and write them down next to each one, preferably in a note book so you can take it with you whenever), the lyrical matter, the use of instruments, and the layering of the instruments, etc.
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Look up interviews on him that might reveal his writing process or something of that sort.
Your school might have an electronic music class, if not, your local community college will most likely have one, and they will teach you the ropes of using a program to generate music. If you're a high school student, you might luck out and get the class for free.
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