Finished a new song last night, still only roughly mixed and still needs vocals, but I'd like some criticism for the instrumental part before I move foreword.

on my profile "Song of the Dead"

PS I will crit back, but not right away... I must go to work now.
Sounds like a very good, pretty well developed tune so far. Loved that middle section breakdown/buildup.
Only few things that I might suggest, is double tracking the riffs and adding some chord variations with the 2nd guitar, along with a few harmonized bits...particularly on those short little descending single note lines that are scattered throughout the riffs. Little bits like that can really add some overall punch to your tunes.
One other thought, would be to go into a new section, even just breifly after that breakdown/buildup in the middle. I think that the breakdown itself, is a great piece of music, but (to me at least) it was just slightly anti-climactic to go right back into the beginning riff. I think that even a dual guitar, harmonized part built off of that initial riff would add a healthy spark to that section.
Finally, for the solo...General rule of thumb...no matter what's in between, it's good to have a strong intro, interesting middle and a strong finish. The opening was good & strong and followed up by some nice Iommi-esque/Sabbath type lead work that fit well....But the ending of the solo just kinda dropped out, without the big finish.
Since the soloing had a bit of Sabbath or an early Metallica vibe, you might try something that both Iommi and Hammet are famous for and bring in a 2nd lead guitar for the last 1/2 of the solo. It doesn't even need to be tight harmonies, but just complimentary lead lines that don't completely clash. If you chose to go the harmony route...even better...but it really doesn't even need to go that far. Just dualing lead lines...or trade offs too for that matter. Tade off lines with yourself. Dial up a slightly different lead tone, or maybe toss a chorus/flangy effect on one of the guitars and trade some lead lines with yourself.
Any of those things can help to give your tune a little adrenneline shot along the way.

I realize that may be a lot of crit there...none of it was meant in anyway to be ripping on you at all. I think that the tune was solid & pretty well played. I just wanted to toss a few ideas at you & hopefully they help ya out.
Nice tune!

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To be honest i think the guitar sound could be much improved..
it's not bad, it sound's a little rough beyond the edges.

Maybe you like this sound (i don't now) i was once in the same street like you
i upgraded my guitarsound and thing's get better.

The playing itself was not bad, the solooing is a very strong point, i liked that
alot.. the wah sound fitted very well with that, only you use it too often on your
song's.. but that's a matter of taste!
my other advice is try to avoid playing almost the same exact chord's..
break away from that.. add some more variety overal.
i think the best advice is from the user next above me.. he sound's have a lot
of experience.

the overal feel was very good..
other song's where not bad. recording is very well done (good)

keep it up!
Well, the rhythm is very good! And I enjoyed the solo alot. But as stated above it needs a few more changes. Not too many though, if you were to add vocals, more soloing, and some bass guitar I think it will fill very nicely. The middle break and the solo were the high points for me. I have a really hard time slowing my music down in the middle of a song, and I think you did a good job here. The wah sound was a surprising and very nice touch. You don't hear that tone very often anymore. At least I don't.

Good start to something promising!!


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