I was looking at getting the boss BR-600 digital recorder:

When i stumbled across the Boss BR-900CD digital recorder:

The price is about double, and i just wanted to know if it was worth the money for a solo artist who jams with the occasional band.

One of the main selling points for me is the drum machine.

What do you think between those two recorders? or is there a third drum machine you guys could recommend?
I have the BR600 and it is freakin' great! I don't think that the 900 is worth extra $$ for the CD...YMMV. I just send my tracks to a computer and use it's CD burner and edit software. The onboard mic's actually sound very good (for onboard mic's BTW)

As far as drums, the sound is very good...but onboard programming is a pain. What most BR xxx owners do...is program drum arrangements on PC and then send them back to the BR for use. The free software is BR900 Rythmn Editor (yes, it does work for the BR600.)

Most of the songs in my profile used the BR600 to kinda give an idea of recording ability. There is also a Yahoo Br goup that has a fantastic wealth of information and have better sound clips than mine...LOL.

Good Luck.
Alright, i think im going to just stick with the 600 then.

I really cant justify paying double the price for a few extra features.