How much, in terms of music, pictures, and documents, could I fit on 1 GB of storage?
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A hundred songs or so.
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my rule of thumb when it comes to downloads is:
music, 1 min = 1 mb

video, 1 min = 10 mb

so 1 gig is about 250 four minute long songs. thats very inaccurate though, and its a huge generalisation, i have found it to be accurate on the whole, though.
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A hundred songs or so.


wikipedia says 17 hours of music...

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Check out my music, if you please.
I took some files in my folder, and managed around 200 files on a gig. But it all comes down to bitrate and so forth.
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Basically, not all pictures are the same size, because they all have different resolutions. Same with music, lots of different bitrates.
it depends quite a bit on what file format it's in. mp3s you could probably fit 100-200 songs, but if you use iTunes apple lossless like I do, a gig is one or two albums.
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Depends on the quality of your mp3s... Mine are 192kbs or 256kbps. I can fit about 150 songs on my 1gb mp3. If you have 128kbps or lower quality you could probably fit more.
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Depends if the music is MP3, WAV, AAC ...

Then what the bitrate is: 128kbps is the lowest you can really go without it sounding like shit, then 160 and 192 are good; 256 and 320 are the best for the size they take up.