'lo, UG.

What songs are in 2 steps down?
Preferably metal songs, but I'm not too fussed.

No : The Black Dahlia Murder
Arch Enemy
nearly everything from in flames. in the name of god from dream theater ,too
A lot of the Godsmack and Black Label Society songs are in C.
Rob Zombie's are mostly in drop C also.
Almost all the Seether songs are in C#. Those are almost all easy.
Drowning Pool also.
Most of the newer stuff from Disturbed is in C. or C#.
In Flames tuned to C from The Jester Race to Clayman.

Immolation plays in C. Uhm... Chthonic and Casketgarden play in C... Anubis Gate...
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Bleed by Cold is a good song in C, but it's an acoustic song.
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System of a Down and The Butterfly Effect are in drop C.
Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss are in C standard.
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What the Grunge-haters think is just mindless musical nonsense, in reality is the restoration of the old rule of harmony to not write an entire song in one tonality/key