So it's been fifty years since the god-like punk band Vampire Cats have released their album We get drunx cause we be da gangsta punx under Ches' records.
Last week, their music rep, Tupac Shakur, posted a press release on the label's website.

In the beginning, there was light. Before that, there were vampires. Before vampires were cats. Before cats were VAMPIRE CATS. After vampire cats, the two separated and carried on with normal life.
These cats created music that would make your ears explode and your knees bend backwards (unless you can already do that, which is pretty gross). What kind of music? Straight up Hardcore gangsta club beat folk ani difranco tangerine hopping post postmortem punk rock.
If you hadn't heard of these guys, then your either really stupid or not punk rock at all.
But, I digress. THIS SUMMER COMES THE NEW RELEASE FROM THE VAMPIRE CATS. The name has not yet been released, however, they will be releasing an EP with a few sample tracks next month entitled "We got Drunk, Again". This stuff will blow your nutsack and/or boobies straight off. So stay tuned for further updates.

Tupac Shakur, East Side mo Fukas fo life
they can't stop me, only god can judge me
BA phD mD BS

Isn't this crazy? An album FINALLY being released!

Album photo Courtesy of Ches' Records. All Rights Reserved

Track List
1. I Got My Rooster
2. **** you.
3. I drink Monster Energy Drinks like you WOULDN'T believe
4. **** you.

Now discuss, what's your favorite song released thus far? Mine is definitely their 1,956,435,765,234th release I Eat Kids.

n00bs, prepare to be ****ed.
The 'cats were before my time.

I don't think more than like three people on this board even know what that whole thing is about anymore.
I think I've worked it out.

The Vampire Cats don't actually exist.

They're a hypothetical psychobilly group.
I remember them being discussed before, but I think I was too shy to join in...
what's the best release for a newcomer?
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!
Oh the vampcats exist, have been around for a LONG time.
The best release is definitely their Stiff Little Fingers cover album, where they played the members of the band as instruments.
They also did a Split with Drongos for Europe back in the day, which has gotten some good reviews.
One time I saw THE VAMPIRE KATS play in a basement in Detroit... but THE VAMPIRE CATS showed up and were really wasted and broke THE VAMPIRE KATS upright bass in half with a 40 bottle. Then we all got on the rooftop and drank 40's and threw them at cops and **** when they came to shut down the show. It was great. I forget how great they are until i hear about a new album. Which is every year or so. One of the worst times of my life was roadieing for them on their '03 tour... constant whiskey drunk. 10 shot challenge minimum everynight.
I heard a rumor that there are mad cameos on their new album. Confirm/deny?
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I've been busy getting drunk and yelling at endangered species for being pussies. It's a dehydrating job but someone has to do it.
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The kazoo solo in that song is sonice

This thread has inspired me to make a vampire cats patch.

Ideas on which design I should use?
I'd use their patch from the 1856 tour de france.

There is going to be many cameos on the album, one of the most well known being Colonel Saunders of Kentucky ****ed Chickens