Ok so i was just wondering your guys opinion on this guitar. on b.c richs in general because i was looking at some and they seem to have high quality parts for a decent prcie. example one of them went for about 700 and it has an ebony fret board and original floyd. and a neck thru. now needless to say a guitar with aspects like that usually start at like 1000. or something like that. i dont understnad because i heard b.c rich sucks.
I always thought the Bich looked realy cool. I think people say BC rich suck because EVERYBODY who ever heard a slayer song wants one, unfortunately there arent any guitar stores around my area that carry BC rich, so I havent played many.
Actually really good bc richs are pretty expensive. For example with 1000 dollars you can buy a great guitar but not a great bc rich. I haven't tried them so it's just what i heard. Try them somewhere to decide for yourself.
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High end BC rich are very nice, but also very expensive. I'm gonna get flamed for this... but the low end ones are affordable and make half decent guitars if you're just learning. My little bro bought a bronze series warlock and I quite like it.
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BC Rich guitars are very good when you have a lot of cash to spend. Tbh i would buy an uper end BC Rich if i had the money.
First of all, none of you have the grasp of the "High end" B.C Rich, which is the Custom Shop, which are Godly guitars, those are the "Mid end" series which honestly worth the cash IMO, and they compete with a LOT of guitars in their price range.
yea i mean thats what i have heard everywhere. if you spend alot they are nice but they decent price ones arent that great. yet they have high quality features. its makes no sense.
I think what is happening is that people are missing the difference between the extremely low-end Bronze and Metal Master guitars, and the newer mid-range offerings.
The mid-range stuff is listed at MSRP at about a grand, but shows up online for roughly $600-$700. It is well-featured for the price, but is not on par with the custom shop stuff.
There are three different levels (to put it in the most simple terms) of BC Rich guitars, and the mid-level ones are quite enjoyable to play.