yea so i'm seventeen and never had a job. i would say i kinda gotta choose between like all the different fastfood places, maybe movie gallery or blockbuster, or maybe like CVS or walgreens.

I'm kinda leaning towards a fast food place, seems pretty simple and alot of people my age would be working there. i just have no idea which one to pick

anyone work in a fastfood restraunt? what is it like
I work at the zoo, not a bad first job.

I wouldn't apply at fast food joints first, save those as a last resort, try something different.
avoid fast food places, you will hate your job
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Yea i was gonna try movie gallery and blockbuster first, but i don't know if i'd be able to get a job there...then again i don't know if i'd be able to get a job at a restaurant either cause my hairs down to my lower back
i agree, i work at a rock climbing place it's interesting, but fast food places are jobs you want to stay away from; any of those other jobs you mentioned would be better than fast food.
fast food sucks major.
i work at steak n shake and i hate it
save fast food as a last resort, try everything else first
and u wanna know wat its like
mind numbing repeatative tasks that are done all day
well , you gonna have to work during all your life , why wouls you start now ?
anyway , maybe a work at a guitar center can be interresting =D
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do small places like that usually drug test? cause i really wouldn't want a job if they drug test, since thats the main reason i need money in the first place
never work in fast food/pizza or anything. they suck. stick with clean jobs, lol. i have possibly the easiest job in the world right now. i sit at the print desk at my school (college) and basically hit print for people for $8/hour
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I'm kinda leaning towards a fast food place, seems pretty simple and alot of people my age would be working there. i just have no idea which one to pick

anyone work in a fastfood restraunt? what is it like

job's easy as ****

customers, however, are the worst part of the job

and its demeaning

my advice? dont.
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don't do fast foor or stores...
I did a big supermarket once, never again...
Yeah, like everyone else said, avoid fast food. My first job was at a grocery store. It wasn't too bad. I worked in the meat dept so I had it pretty easy. Just have to deal with bitchy customers sometimes, but you're going to get that just about anywhere you go.
My first job was Arby's. It really wasn't so bad. It was a good experience. Blockbuster sounds like the most boring place on the planet, so you might want to think twice about that.

Also, your hair might be an issue. I had to cut mine, and it was just at my shoulders. But I'm not entirely sure it's a dealbreaker everywhere.
I worked at a Price Chopper, grocery dept., for 2 years (its a supermarket) and it was the best job I ever had. You do something different everyday and it can be fun if you like the people you work with. I think I liked it better than my internship right now!!!
yea i figured my hair would be kinda a problem...but the thing is, mine is long enough i can put it in a ponytail and it is completely out of the way and out of my face, when its just to your shoulders you cant really do much with it
i started working at a bar in my town when i was 15 i still work there now and its pretty sick

pretty much find a job you can tolerate because remember you will get promoted and make more money and its awesome

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

blockbuster sounds like its your best choice, easy work, not a bad environment, and the pay can't be worse than fast food, so go for it.
i say apply at as many places as you can, and see who you get call backs from
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i work at mcdonalds and work my ass off doing doubles(two shifts) every other day and get paid crap. i suggest you dont apply at any fastfood place, sux balls, try anything else but that, im actually getting ready for work, i hate my job, im just gonna work there til summer ends.
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yea i'll probably just apply at blockbuster and movie gallery and see if i get any calls back. if not i don't know where i'll try next. maybe i could try radio shack or something, i think that would be pretty cool
I never want to work at a fast food joint. More of an office person here. There are a lot of job opportunities out there that pay more and offer more substantial working experience. Look up some stuff for local businesses or stuff like that. You'd be surprised at what you'd find.
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