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Alright. so, for my next guitar, I want to get an HSS Stratocaster. I've seen both of these guitars around town, and they both look good. But other than the obvious (Standard is 400$, Highway One is 750$, Standard made in Mexico, Highway One made in America), what is the difference between the two? Are they pretty similiar? And is the Highway One worth an extra 350 dollars?
I tried both and personally i think it isn' t worth the money. Not that much difference.
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Go all out and get an American Standard.
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Quote by Doodleface
Go all out and get an American Standard.

he wins

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Quote by Doodleface
Go all out and get an American Standard.

Do this. the difference between a highway one and a mexican standard is little. a highway one has different pickups and a thin nitrocellulose finish that will wear away pretty fast if you don't keep it in tip top condition.

i agree on the american standard. but if you can't, you might wanna look at the higher end mexican ones. deluxe lone star or deluxe fat strat. both HSS.
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I agree too. If you can't get the American find a good MIM.

Here is a chart that might help further.


Except I just realized it doesn't have the HW1 on it. Helpful still.