I just recorded this while practicing to see the angles for my video to a song I'm making.. and I was wondering if theres anything I could do better while sweep picking?

Thanks in advance


( dont know if I posted this in wrong forum, terribly sorry if I did )
that was amazingly clean, maybe add a bit more variety in though as it sounded a bit repetitive.
Yea, well it's only 3 different arpeggios in there.. I'm going to use them each once in a song (so not 4 in a row like I do here hehe).

Thats not the song you see..

Thanks! Got any criticism for my finger movements?
Dam nice effort dude. You look real young too. How long have you been playing?
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that was kick ass
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cool, I should really work on my sweeping...
that was really good, clean and not straining your wrist by the looks. well done. how long have you been playing?
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thanks for the compliment man!
Amazing. Only thing I can think of is the delay.
While delay sounds cool and all, it's never a good idea to use it when you practice a technique, as it may drown out any mistakes that you make. All in all that _could_ be a good thing, but it's better to remove them rather than drown them

PS. Just wanted to add; No you did NOT make any mistakes in this vid, that was plainly amazing. It was just a tip
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Wow guys thanks for all the very kind comments! =)

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Dam nice effort dude. You look real young too. How long have you been playing?

I've been playing 3 years in august. So now 2 years and like 10 months..?
I'm 17 years old.