My crate amp makes a loud high pitched buzzing noise all the time, unless i turn down the volume on my guitar or touch the strings. Is this normal or can it be fixed?

looking for any help/suggestions, not crate bashing, thanks.
Maybe your guitar is not properly grounded, considering the problem dissapears when you touch the strings. I'd get it checked out by at tech. Alternatively, you could have the gain way to high, in which case turn it down.
thanks for the reply, let me add some info.

Does it with all guitars i've connected to it ~4. i've turned everything down to the 4-5 area and it is still there just not as loud.

I can't hear it when im playing or anything but, when im just sitting there it is slightly annoying. I guess I can just keep turning down the volume on my guitar.

Someone suggested I get a cut out pedal or something, but I would like to see if i can just get it fixed once and for all.
Is a lower priced SS amp. They generally buzz alot when the gain is turned up. When you turn the gain down less noise. Just goes with the territory.