I am trying to teach myself how to sweep pick. Does anyone have any advice (techniques, practice methods, etc.)? Also, does anyone know any songs with good sweeping that I could try - preferrably easy sweeping?
you can download free **** off the internet for sweep help and i would advise any COB or Dreamtheatre or Bucket Head
"The Riverdragon Has Come" and "This Godless Endevour" by Nevermore have some awsome sweeps. Also, look at pretty much any songs by Necrophagist. Even if your not into the heavy duty metal songs, the arpeggios are brilliant and excelent for your own study.
im just now getting my sweeping nice an fast an clean, and a song that really helped me is bleeding mascara by atreyu it seems like medium-fast paced for me so it helps me practicing a little slower then my hand wants to go and keep it clean and in time

besides that all i can say is start slow and the metronome is your best friend x
build up speeds with your metronome there isnt really any shortcuts with sweeping
try practising?
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Try this practice exercise called "search bar" it does wonders.
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UG lessons....


both are full of sweep picking videos.
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