Which program do you think is the best? I have a choice which to use.. I got the LE 4 with my Omega Lexicon Studio and then Cubase SX 3 from my grandpa.

So which? CSX 3 or CLE 4?
I have SX3 and find it rather complicated, not tried LE4 yet. Also, SX3 is from 2005, I think LE4 is newer.
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LE is the 'lite' version of Cubase, with less features and functionality than the full SX version. LE4 IS newer than SX3, but it's still the lower quality software. They are both similar in difficulty to use, so I'd definitely go with SX3.
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SX3 has a lot more features, which one is better depends on if you are actually going to use any of the extra features in SX3.
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Yea hmm.. well I think I'm gonna go with the Cubase LE 4 since it came with the soundcard. I don't see any point with SX if you're not pro or anything. I'm just a noob.
I've been using SX3 since I started recording, but found it very tricky at first. It's probably best start off with LE, then when you get a bit better maybe move onto SX3.