some UGers that live in the south of Kent (I think I've seen 3 from Folkestone) but I can't remember who they are.

1.If you know who they are please let me know.
2.If you live down there please can you give me the name of some music shops that I can ask for a job?(commutable from Folkestone by public transport)


PS.Google didn't really help.

EDIT:This time I'd like to know about buses and such,please.
Mainly between Folkestone and New Romney,and Folkestone and Romney Marsh. I've found timetables but prices would be good.

EDIT2: I've found the bus stuff I need. Does anyone know about things like accommodation or available jobs??

I'm having some trouble with those ¬_¬
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I saw them on the site,and the almighty google failed me-or did I fail it?

I linked you anyway

Its all good though, there seem to be loads there
google is your lover
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google is your lover

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PS.I tried Google but it didn't really help

I hate most 08ers ¬_¬
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I live in Aylesham near Dover!!!

What's it like down there?

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You'll need more than luck to get a job in a music shop- they'll have a shedload of applicants, and it's often a case of who you know as opposed to what you know.

Yeah,I'm not bothered where I work now. A music shop just seemed like a logical choice.