I just completed my first guitar, granted i didn't mke half of it but im still slightly impressed with myself, it all started way back years ago when i was dumb enough to buy a cheap guitar off ebay... that's how i learnt about intonation lol. Anyway the body was ****ed but the neck wasn't half bad so recently i realised i could get another body attach the 2 wire it up and i'd have a new guitar,

i ordered a cheap thinline tele body
TOM bridge
tele pickguard
control plate and switch

it all went fairly smoothly although there is a massive gap between the body and neck, i had to remove the tail peice of the TOM and fix it in more tightly because it was ripping out, turning the signle coil cavity into a humbucker cavity wasn't so easy (lol), the pickguard didnt fit properly so i had to hack some off and while the wiring was a moderate success turning the volume and tone knobs doesnt change anything, they are just for show (dunno how i did that)

still i got a custom guitar and i wanna make more now

i really need a cool name for it - suggestions welcome

completed product

gap in neck, Also one behind neck

shoddy pickup cavity

mishaped pickguard

custom guitar, get you name on the headstock

and if your wondering how it plays, the actions a litle higher but the necks pretty smooth nd comfortable, the humbucker has some bight, really nice high gain sound but the cleans are lacking, the lipstick pickup is duller than i thought but still has a very nice clean sound with a decent enough mild gain sound
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yeh i considered mattocaster but i assumed it's probbaly been done before (common name, common guitar)

i was thinking because it has a flying V neck i should call it the flycaster... but im pretty sure thats what you use to catch fish when fly fishing...

im thinking i should call it something like telefreak, creep caster, ugly bitch etc.

just somehting that acknowledges the fact that it really shoudlnt even work lol