An overdrive?

I'm not entirely sure of what the question is though.
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Maybe an EHX English Muff'n?
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Probably not, because so much of AC30 tone comes from EL-84 and the Blue Alnico Celestions, its really going to be hard to get that tone with an American Voiced amp like the hotrod. Your best bet to get you close is to try some OD pedals out, TS 808, maxon OD 808, OCD..ect, but still it will not sound like an AC30
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yea ive looked at that

i really want that ac30 sound though

im thinking of changing my amp maybe, but i love my fenders cleans too much

IMO the hotrods cleans are not as good as the AC30s, now the Twin Reverb on the other hand is a different story. The AC30 cleans are more dark, but are still awesome.
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that pedal is perfect for me, that exact tone i want

and mon the biffy dude

Haha no problem

I've been GAS'ing for one for ages and when this topic came up I remembered it straight away.

Mon the Biffy!
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That thing sounds amazing.


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