im sure this is possible. but im not sure exactly how to do this.

im getting a Laney 65w amp and a Kirk Hammett sig. amp. not sure of the exact models offhand. and im not looking for comments about the amps like "oh blah blah is a crappy amp get this one instead". i just have one simple question.

what do i need so that i can play both of these at the same time thru one guitar? it sounds like somthing i can have alot of fun with.

id prefer u throw in a link with ur suggestion. or if u have a genreral idea of the price. no price limit. but im looking somthing that is durable, and not overly expensive for what im looking for. if it requires getting an effects pedal please tell. all suggestions welcome.

thanks ahead of time

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im looking to play both at the same time. id rather not google cuz my computer is really stupid (laptop with no solid connection). so if u have any links please post them. thanks guys
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Anybody up for a WookieCore Band? You let me know.

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Its probably not the ideal setup, but what I do is run the wet out from my whammy to one amp and the dry to another, and simply put the amps on 'standby' or 'on' as I need them. And mix is controlled my the volume of each amp.

There are issues with this (notably the bypass or lack thereof of the pedal, and the fact that I have to manually change settings instead of a single stomp), but it saves the space and cash of an a/b or a/b/y box. Makes an existing pedal work for it's board space ^^
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your speaker is not broken in?

if i where you, i wouldnt play through it until it is
a/b or a/b/y box or if your amp has high low gain inputs your can just go guitar into the low input then get a spare cable and go from that amps high input into the input of the other amp.
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try something like this my friend. (I've never really heard of this brand but it looks like what you need)

Why not?

I didn't say he needed this in order to play 2 amps at once, but it can be fun since it has a wet/dry output and can do octaves. Would just be super-fun to screw around with across two amps.