My band released our debut EP the other day and we're trying to get our music to as many people as we possibly can. Starting with Ultimate Guitar!

Initiated in 2006, Some Electric Life has gone through a few line ups for a small
band, but has now rested on a final lineup, a four piece consisting of Gareth
Hughes, Matthew Clark, Elliot Williams and Joe Pereia. Our music is a plenty of
influences such as Radiohead, Audioslave, AC/DC, Muse, whilst still sounding
unique. From the heavy but catchy riffs of Lost It, to Lights with it's epic
Pendulum esque intro, to the quiet lament of Unforgiven, they are a band with the
talent to produce a variety of songs, whilst still sounding original and like

If you wish download our EP, click on the link in my signature for a high quality (320kps) download.

Our EP is called Dancing About Architecutre,
1. Lost It
2. Lights
3. Unforgiven

Enjoy! And please tell your friends.