Hey, Im Matt, and ive been playing 7 months.

all i have been doing since i started was concentrating on lead techiniques and speed, playing songs, playing load and playing fast ; Sex Drugs Rock N' Roll.

But now im wanting more and more theory! im considering buying some more books on theory so if anybody knows any good ones please point some out thankyou.

Question 1
In my chord book, underneath some of the chords it states 'MOVEABLE', what exactly does this mean? For E.g - some chords it says moveable under are - F Maj, F7, F Min, C Min 7, E Sus 2, G Min, G Min 7, G Maj 7, etcetc.

Question 2
How and When is a scale enharmonically correct?

Question 3
Can I Build, say a F# Scale or a F Minor scale By using the formulae TTSTTTS? if not, how and why?

thankyou to anybody who remotly answers my questions!

EDIT: i appear to have posted this in the wrong forum that i wanted to! can this be moved or deleted please?
Question 1
I think by movable it means that the if you keep the shape of the chord the same and slide it up or down to another fret, you get the same chord for a different root.
Like, if you take B minor and move it up a fret, you get C minor.

Question 2
Sorry, can't answer this one...

Question 3
Any scale can be represented that way. T = one tone = two frets. S = semitone = one fret. Scales are basically just notes that are certain intervals apart.
yeah i think sashki is right about the moveable question. Things like bar chords are moveable because its the same shape anywhere on the fretboard.

As for question 3 that pattern of WWHWWWH (W= whole step, H = half step, thats how i say it) is for major scales.

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You've contradicted yourselves for Question 3

as for Q1 F Chord isnt a barre chord? so why is it treated like one?