Hellooooo there.

It's another one of those topics.
So another year's passed, and here's my birthday.
I've gotten a bit of money, and I'm deciding to put it towards a guitar, as I have a lowly (but reliable<3!) Squier strat, xD
No amp recommendations please... I'm satisfied with the one I have.

Of course, the standard info.
Price would probably be under 500 dollars, canadian.
First of all - at least one humbucker... the single-coils don't cut it for a lot of the stuff I play.
I play a variety of stuff, but I'll do the jazz/blues stuff on my strat.
I'm looking for a guitar that specializes in hard rock stuff (think... guns n' roses? <_<, just general rock, and the occasional metal.
A tremolo arm is fine, as long as it's a locking one - but I'm not sure you'd be able to find a decent one for under 500.

And selling the strat kinda isn't an option, I do still need it.

Thanks everyone.
What about a hardtail?
Epiphone Les Pauls come to mind as the obvious choice in that price range. Ibanez are good, too, if you get one with a good trem. The Edge 3 wears out quickly and won't stay in tune ever again. If you're gonna get an ibanez, look for one with a ZR trem, like the S series. I'm not sure if they're within your price range, though.
Hm! Yeah, I was considering the epi lp. Though, I do know there are quite a few different models, haha... Are there any you would recommend?

EDIT: Here's one I found... is it decent? I'm not too knowledgeable about my les pauls... :P
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normally with epi's you have to go try em out otherwise you get the odd one which is **** because they're not quality checked enough. But that one should be pretty good.
Ibanez sz320. I have it. It was choosing between it and an epi les paul, and wow the Ibanez felt soooooo much better to play. The sz320 isn't bolt on either like the epiphone, it's a set neck, which helps alot when you're playing the higher frets. They are both Mahogany (neck and body), so they sound similar.
The Epi's have set necks, too.
I have to agree though, the SZ is amazing for it's price. The neck is pretty thick, but if you can get used to an LP, you can get used to it, too. The pickups on that thing outclass the Epi pickups anyway, so you get a better sound.
I'm considering the SZ... though, that is the older model, right?
Would it still probably be in stock in music stores?
I should be heading down to one tomorrow... I'll check.
Thanks for the recommendations so far - keep 'em coming!