I just have a few questions.
1. Will I have to adjust the truss rod?
2. how much is "an eighth of a turn"?
3. Will lowering the action require more truss rod adjustment?
4. if I'm off on the truss rod adjustment by 1/1000th of a millimeter, will it seriously damage my guitar? How close do I have to be? (I want it to be as perfect as possible)
5. Should I just pay to have a tech do it?
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going to a different guage isnt thatmuch of a big deal.

then i change mine i just have to reset the action.

ive never adjusted my truss road and i have no problem
Unless you are changing from 0.9's to 0'13's and have a thin neck, a Wizard neck for instance, then you may have to change the truss rod and the action due to the access pressure exerted onto the neck and if you are dropping the tunings down drastically.
If you want it obsolutely perfect, take it to a tech, it shouldn't be more than a few quib just to do that.
An eighth of a turn, I'm guessing either means a very small amount, you know an eighth of a full turn. Or it could mean a half note, ie one fret. I don't know for sure, I've never heard that phrase being used before in this context.