who's all playing the star spangled banner for the fourth of july ?

if you are maybe post some things you've added to spice it up a little.

for me whenever a note is held i tap a harmonic, or hammeron the next note real fast.

any ideas ?
I haven't thought of that. I was really just gonna blow up some fireworks and grill me some hotdogs and hamburgers. But now I think I just might play the star spangled banner. As for spicing it up, idk I probably won't be doin anything fancy just maybe lots o feedback and whammy-age. =]
H e l l o .
I'm not going to do anything. Because I'm English. Pah, independence day... We'll get you back one day. Damn yanks.

'sides. It'd just be a poor Hendrix imitation.
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I'll spend the day being obnoxious about Americans, and I think work's doing some promotion where we give out that american hershies chocolate and promote a product with an eagle on it.
tremelo picking on held notes once in a while an just adding fills here and there based on whatever key it is
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I'm celebrating The 4th Of July and I'm Canadian, I shall be wearing an American Flag as a cape to summer school....hopefully i receive no ass kickings.....i was going to wear one on Canada day but thats asking for someone to drown you in maple syrup while a moose pisses on you and hockey players take slapshots at your head.*thats our worst death penalty *
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okay my question.

if its possible if anyone could help me out with some fills. maybe some shred or something flashy.




I'll be celebrating my birthday. That one's tomorrow, but I don't want to party on a thursday. Better wait for the weekend instead.
I'll just listen to Hendrix's version a lot....
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i'll be playing unreal tournament 3 on 360
you cant spell manslaughter without laughter

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i can send you the best tab ive found online

cause some are ****

Please send me the tab, or post a link up here. Better yet, send me the link please

In addition to butchering whatever he^ sends me I will also listen to Hendrix's woodstock performance.
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I'll spend the day being obnoxious about Americans

have fun. while you're doing that i'll be at a three day kegger/grill out.

i'm proud to be an americaaaan, well at least when there's a party
and i won't forgeeet the men who diiiied, oh wait i already diiid.
I'm gonna have the worst fourth ever I have work until 10 and I'll miss all the fireworks **** work
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I'm gonna have the worst fourth ever I have work until 10 and I'll miss all the fireworks **** work

I get the day off

Shame that all my friends are away on vacation or somesing so I'll be mighty ronery.
I'm actully going to play it the way it was written. Then, I'm going to blow stuff up with fireworks and grill out.

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Fireworks ate illegal in massachusetts, but not in new hampshire, and I live right on the border, so we are gonna smuggle some in today or tomorrow, then blow them up in this big field near my house with all my friends