Im doing up my guitar and was wondering if anyone had any experience doing two tone painting (where from one angle it looks one colour and from another angle it looks a different colour) i really need some help ie how to, how much and how easy?

i'm not exactly sure if this is right, but i think you do a base coat of any color and then apply a couple clear coats of different colors.
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there are a few different names for the paint, at least for automotive paints. iridescent, pearlescent, (SOME candies are like that), uhhhhh in order to do it right, youll need to buy the automotive paints that are for this.
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The Xiphos has this I think, I really like the effect. I'd be interested in learning how to do it too.

Is it a special paint or technique or both?
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epiphone have a range of them like that, well they did a year or so ago
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You need a pearlescent automotive paint. You might be able to find them at an autoparts store, but if you can't ask at either a body shop that specializes in hot rods or try to buy online.
there's teh mirage kits from duplicolour, but your gonna need a lot more clear then provided
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