I've been listening to them a lot lately, and the dual guitar attack of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford has got me mesmerized.
Really great riffs to learn from. Very unique guitar style forged from R&B, blues and funk.

I like Mama Kin a lot.

Does anyone have any good Aerosmith songs to recommend? And not the obvious suspects, like Cryin', Sweet Emotion, and Walk This Way.
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Train Kept A Rollin' has some kick ass solos in it. It's my favorite song by aerosmith currently.
First off, check out the Recommendation Thread at the top of the page. Second, I highly recommend getting their first 4 or 5 albums (the first three can be found in a package that is very reasonably priced at $18.97, and Rocks and Draw the Line are another $10 and $5 respectably from Amazon). They are all worth it to own, and are recommended to a first time listener. From there you can go for Pump, Get A Grip, and Honkin' On Bobo. And third...


How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
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Step 3: Plug in and freak the **** out.