This is track 3 of 12 from my album that I have just finished writing, it follows on from track 2, so please listen to track 2 first, the link is in my sig.
Track 3 - Shadows.zip
I listened to track 2 then track 3 - i cant decide which i prefer they are both good. Anyways this is a crit for track 3.

Verse: I liked the simplicity here i was kinda singing on the spot lyrics that might go with it. It will make a good song.

Chorus: I thought with the simple verse you might need more in the chorus but if you have vocals over the top then ignore this! I did find that with the chorus i kept wanting it to end before the 5th chord - that seemed to make it too long for my ears and it would have been a better structure if the chorus was 10 bars long rather than 12.

Solo: It was ok - it fitted the song but it didn't make me sit up and listen particularly.

Overall: I liked it, the highlight for me though were the verses.

If you could take a look at To Wonder (link in my sig) that would be cool. Its my first ever piece of music so any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
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^ Thanks for the crit, the verse is meant to stand out, so I'm glad that effect worked with you, I'll crit your song in a short while