Just want to hear recommendations for which CD to start with. I heard the best is follow the reaper, but I'm thinking about Blooddrunk's special edition too.... Thoughts? Thanks
Follow the Reaper.

Or the rec thread.

Or the Children of Bodom thread.
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^ what he said. although i would say hatebreeder is their best album.
Hate Crew Deathroll is my personal favourite but i started with Hatebreeder which eventually led on to me getting hate crew but i'd say hate crew deathroll is the most accesible to new listners so i'd go for that.
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follow the reaper sums up their style the best.

albums before follow the reaper tend to be more br00tal
albums after follow the reaper tend to be more mainstream
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i loved hatebreeder. i started by puttingthe first three albums on my ipod because i heard they got ****ty after that and hatebreeder definitely stuck out to me. only recently ive listened to hatecrew deathroll and its actually really good. but yea i would recomend hatbreeder because its one of if not their best album, or follow the reaper because its like right in the middle of when they started to change thier style. youll get some sampling of both.
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Hatebreeder & Rec Thread.

after that follow the reaper, hate crew,and then possibly something wild. I don't really like their new style.

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Follow the Reaper and Something Wild are their best.
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