Ello guys,

I got this issue...I live in the Netherlands where a Standard American Strat costs about EUR 550, which is about 950 dollars. But when I checked the official Fender price list, it said that it only costs 600 dollars, approximately EUR 380.
My question: is it cheaper to ship it to the Netherlands, paying shipping costs etc by doing so, or should I just buy one over here?

Thanks for your help
i'd rather have tried out the specific guitar you're buying than any one they send you.
I presume you mean the mexican made Fender standard strats, as american (even highway one) cost closer to 1000 euro.
You could always check out thomann.de for the price, they are quite decent usually, but then again, do you want to buy one unplayed?

edit: Most stores will offer free setups which would otherwise be around 40 euros. I think it would still be more expensive to buy one in the states (remember you have to add 19% btw/vat to the price if not the USA vat as well + shipping costs).
Take it to the Electric Guitar forum.


EDIT: Surely you could work that out yourself?
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