hi. i have a bc rich bronze series warlock and it doesnt have a tremelo or a nything like that. i got told that you can have a tremelo fitted is this true.

oh and dont post here to say you think bc rich is crap
You'll need to do some routing, how much is dependant on what tremolo system you want. This can take away sustain, and, worse case scenario, maul you're guitar.

And you should take this to Gear Building and Customizing.
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You'll need to do some routing. And you should take this to Gear Building and Customizing.

thanks i will
Doing it yourself is horribly complicated if you're not a luthier and letting a pro do it will cost you more than a new guitar with a tremolo already installed, so I'd keep clear of that.
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you need a whole new guitar.... i'm a B.C Rich fan but bronze series warlocks are not good at all man....

yeah i suppose but mine isnt like the one on the bc rich site if you wanna see what mine looks like see my profile. anyway its my first guitar and ive had no problems with it at all but i might get another guitar
Don't do it man
I have a bronze warlock as well, and I had also thought about doing some mods. It's not worth it, you'd probably end up scrapping the entire guitar unless you paid a pro or really took your time (probably still **** it). If you're into the Warlock, consider an NJ series, you can get one for under $500 if you shop around.
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yeah it looks like a nice guitar but if i was you change the pups in it to like to seymuar ducans, duncan blackouts, or EMG's...

what kind of tremolo are you wanting anyways? i have a Platinum Pro Warlock and i have the LFR tremolo on mine...

not quite sure at the moment. maybe a floyd rose. is the LFR tremelo good?
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yeah LFR are good... but if you don't know what your doing with the tunning and **** you can really screw up your guitar soo if your gonna get a floyd rose, study up on them first.....there good tremolos but they can be a bitch somtimes...

thanks dude
A FR or kahler tremolo will cost more than the guitar did not including install. Not a good investment. Much cheaper to buy a guitar with a wammy.