Well in a freak lawnmowing accident, my hand got rather burnt. Now with all the pit doctor threads starting i thought this would be appropriate.

What are the advantiges and disadvantages of said hand being in this state?

Hand In Question
I hope you got some cold water on that as soon as it happened.

wrap it in clingfilm, now. trust me, leave that and it'll itch and you'll be well and truly ****ed
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Advantages: You can say you're a burns verteran
Disadvantages: Your hand will hurt alot
pit =/= doctor

but anywho, advantages, none, really, except your hand is rather red, dis adcvantages, probably hurts to play guitar, type, eat, things that need your hands
It's gonna suck to fap.

And why would there be an advantage to burning your hand?
Cut it off!

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Lol im ambidextrous so fappin isnt a problem.

Nothing seems to stop the burning, it burns sooo bad!
Why does everyone say it's gonna hurt to fap? Doesn't he have another hand?!?!?