Right, after waiting 6 months i've come to accept that i'm not going to get my Alvarez MC90 from soundcontrol for a long long time. For those who don't know, they went in administration in May and there's not chance of me getting any compensation.

So, i've moved on. I'm looking at £600ish steel string electro-acoustics instead, and have narrowed it down to a Taylor 214E or a Breedlove AC250CR.

Both guitars are remarkably similar specwise, and i've tried out the taylor and like it. However, no where locally stocks Breedlove. So, to save me a day just to try out a guitar, does anyone have any opinions on breedlove? Or even better, an comparision to taylor models?

Thank you.
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well i can give you comparisons for days, but it doesn't really do you much good. my opinion is going to differ from the next guy's whose will differ from yours. if you really can't manage to find a breedlove anywhere to play first and you really like the Taylor, i'd just get the Taylor. also, don't limit yourself to just the Taylor or the Breedlove. if you haven't been trying other guitars in your price range, you need to. there are a lot of great guitars within your budget.