Ok, so this has happened a few times, but one of my pickups (the same one) goes in and out. It will just stop working until i drive with it around in my car then it fixes itself, i believe from the vibration.

So, when its broken it will have no volume on clean and really low volume with no gain, when im playing on a really high gain channel.

My first thoughts where, a solder is loose and bouncing around in the car kinda reconnects it when i drive with it. So, i took it to the only guitar repair shop within 100 miles of me and they are pretty good with repairs, but they also have a history of screwing me in the past... 2 different guys have opened my guitar up and told me that my pickup is dead.

This is a less than a year old Schecter C-1+ with Duncan Designed pickups.

so, im wondering if you guys have anyways to check for myself if this really is the pickup before i go drop 200$ on some EMG's?

also, your probably asking yourself if its under warrenty, and the answer is yes, but, i bought this guitar at a lefty shop over 300 miles away and the shipping alone would be almost 100$ probably, and i was planning on replacing the pickups eventuallys, so it just seems like i should replace them.

Any help would be greatly appretiated.
just replace them duncan design means they pretty much suck
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but what im asking is, how do i make sure that its my pickup which is the problem.
look at all the solder points, give the wire a tug, if it doesnt move its the pickup itself.

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sup joe.

my first guitar did that. it was a problem with the input jack. try making sure the nut is tight on the body of the guitar. if that doesn't work then the solder is loose on the jack.

but yes drop the $200 for emgs. 81-89 set is sick. i love mine (and it's in a c-1fr so it should sound pretty similar.)
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