I have a strat copy and roland micro cube and the sound im getting out of it is really ****ty. Ive been lookin around and i think im going to invest in a Peavy Valveking 112. Ive also been thinking about modding my guitar. The tone i get when i play clean sounds really bad and even when i play with distortion it sounds bad. I was thinking about changing my humbumker. Would that be a good idea, if so i found a duncan performer detonator for cheap. Anyways if u think this is the way i should go let me know and suggestions for things would be helpfull too. Thanks.
god i hate these threads, theyre so pointless....

if you have a specific question about something then ask it, but dont go crying about how your tone sucks and whether or not you should change pickups or get a new amp blah blah blah.

its your ****ing sound. you deal with it.
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get a decent amp first, then improve the guitar
no matter how good the guitar is, if it;s not a very good amp it won;t sound very good at all
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and to the guy above my 1st post, if oyu hate these threads, why bother replying? if he jsut wants help you don;t need to be so dismissive
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The funny misconception on UG is that changing pickups will greatly alter your sound. Yes, it will improve your tone, but if you still use a crappy amp, it will still sound crappy. A Peavy Valveking is a quality amp and you can ellicit some lovely tones out of it. But, its better if you have a guitar with a lovely chunk of Mahogany and two brilliant pickups like an active EMG set, a Seymour Duncan setup or even better, a Dimarzio set.
Its best if you actually buy the guitar that you find reaches out to you. Guitars that are 'pimped' as I call them, are often not that great.
If you think about it, guitar companies spend thousands of pounds investing in these guitars and place them through rigorous testing, I think they know better than you do when it comes to pickups placements.
There is no doubt obvious benifits in buying a guitar and then purchasing improved pickups and a decent amp, but why not just do it in the first place by buying an excellent guitar. That way as well, you receive the joy of having craftmanship that is hard to be beaten and woods that just beg to be slapped!
I bet there are people on here who will happy to protest and say I'm totally wrong but I don't want to argue. I've played loads of guitars with altered tones and they rarely ever reach the standard of an American Strat or a PRS. A Maverick has fairly cheap pickups but sounds brilliant, as does an Epiphone or an Ibanez.