i had it when i was 9, it's just a bit itchy, i think its treated by cream innit? All it stopped me from doing was sport, which was the worst part of the experience for me.
Youre gonna get aids.

/ug response

nah, its nothing. Its just gonna itch a little bit.
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You win the internet.


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Got a chuckle out of me.
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which guy

lol the doctor, don't they grab ure balls and tell u to cough to test for shingles? Something about ure scrotum doesnt raise if you have it
You'll be the coolest kid on the block.

Make a dance called the Shingle and spin around in circles spaztically itching your body like your having a seizure.
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im aware that this is some sort of skin condition, but i still imagine a guy with black tar and roof shingles peeling off his arm

and i lol

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so this kid at my school microwaved brussel sprouts for lunch, and when he was about to eat them one of them exploded on his face and burned him. i like turtles

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Just hope that it doesn't get too bad. One of my co-workers had it recently and she had to miss work for 2 months because it was hurting her so much. It also damaged some of the nerves is the area where she had it, but she had it really bad.
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