Im gonna put my favorite pick that has done its duty on a chain soon and i was wondering if there is a way to put a hole through it without cracking it. would just a hole punch work?
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It's so godly my eyes can't see it :[
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It's so godly my eyes can't see it :[

see what?
just use an electric drill
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A tiny drill head is how I did mine. It's malleable plastic, they melt it down to get it into that shape, it won't shatter.
A hole punch will work fine, I have done it before.
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depends how thick it is
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I bored a hole out with a compass.

That worked best for me.
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Might look stupid, but take one of those pins you use to put posters on the wall and such. Just rotate it to carve a hole in your pick, applying just enough pressure. Repeat for the other side(so you don't have to do the whole thing on the same side, which is gonna require more efforts). I used that to make myself a pendant and to make earrings for my gf.

Considering you're going with a chain you might need a bigger hole tho. I doubt drilling it is gonna crack it, unless you never used one.
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why dont u just try it first with some cheapo pick u dont mind mashing up. With the same properties to make it a fair test