I was bored today and sat with my guitar...

Outcome: My castle

It's about a drunkard who tells his point of view on this world..


_______________ Verse 1 _______________

I keep walkin' down the street, yeah
ev'ry day you see me
Headin' towards my keep
no one know's where I'm goin'
I've actually built it
All by myself, yeah.
It's all i my head.
but who the hell cares?

I need someone to stop me
stop me from my drinkin'
To help me with my life, yeah
And save my poor old liver
I need someone that I can trust
to stay with me wherever I go.
Someone... that I can love.

_______________ Verse 2 _______________

Yeah, like I said before
my life is pretty fucked up
I told you 'bout my castle
let me tell you how I get there
I'll just up open a bottle
filled with something sweet, you know
And in a matter of minutes
I'm totally gone.

The people they keep yellin'
"Look, there's that old drunkard again"
Let me tell you how that feels:
I don't care a piss
'Cuz I'm up in my castle,
bowlin' with my bottles
And havin' fun with ladies
all those stuff, you know.

_______________ Verse 3 _______________

Hey, man, what the fuck now?
I can't get down again
Oh, shit, I must have died there
My body won't respond
But, hey, that ain't no trouble
I fancy my life up here
But, "life"?, could I say that?
'Cuz techni'cly I'm dead.

I wonder what they think know,
You know, the guys down there.
'Cuz up my here I can't hear'em
And down there they can't see me
Prob'ly they're just cheering,
The world just lost one of it's troubles
And for me was plain and hollow
No, I'd rather stay up here

_______________ Outro _______________

The world was just fucked up for me
Now I am glad to be set free
'Cuz finally I can do what ever I want
'Cuz I don't need no liver no more

(repeat till end)

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Great song, cool (funny) lyrics. Nice to see something different around here. BTW, it's classic rock, that's the genre you're looking for. I don't really think anythings bad, the C#5 on 92 always kind of makes me feel funny inside, but the next note kinda resolves that. Great solo, nothing amazing but it's cool.