Hey guys, I'm kind of at a standstill. I've been playing for a couple of days, really just trying to get comfortable with my guitar and such. I've learned about 6-7 chords and can play them pretty fluently, A,E,G,D,Am,Em... Also I've been practicing the A minor Pentatonic scale, primarily to get comfortable with playing, finger strength, and building calluses, but also I've been trying to figure out where the notes are on the guitar.

I'm confused as to where to go from here, I ordered a couple of highly recommended books online but they havnt arrived yet, and I don't want to be practicing something useless for the meantime. I just want to get comfortable with my fretboard and the notes on it. Should I just practice locating all of the notes or some scales or what? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- The Major scale and it's positions
- Minor Pentatonic scale and it's positions.
- Also, use the Chromatic scale to gain finger strength.
- Also, look at all Minor chords and Barre chords

EDIT: ALSO, LEARN YOUR INTERVALS! It helped me a great deal into understanding how the guitar works.

Have fun.

Also, take it slowly, make sure you don't rush. Get things down, get it perfect before you move onto the next thing so you don't start creating bad habits.
i basically have the A minor pentatonic scale memorized througout the neck(5 pos.), am practicing my C chord , and just learned the chromatic scale.

I really want to get to know where the all of the notes are located on the fretboard, what excersises/lessons do you suggest?

I've been sort of referring to this one:

any other input?
Thank you very much for your replies
also, i looked into the crusades column on intervals and found it mad confusing lol. haha maybe i should gain a better understanding of the notes on the guitar first. I just don't know where to start and an effective method to learn all my notes, sharps and flats.
- Learning your octaves would benefit you quite a bit with learning the notes across the fretboard.
- Use the chromatic scale with a metronome, gradually speeding it up so you can improve your left and right hand co-ordination.
- I would suggest learning the Major scale and it's 5 positions.

EDIT: Have a look through that Justin Guitar site, I use that quite a lot to help me with theory. Maybe check through lessons on UG to find something useful.

GET A TEACHER! That's the best thing I recommend.