I just picked up a 5w Blackheart combo. I assume that because it is only 5w that is why it doesn't have a standby switch. But is there anything I need to do when turning it on or off to preserve the tubes, or is pretty much like an SS in terms of turning it on and playing? Also, I just played it for about 20 minutes and then I tried to push it with the volume. When it got up to the near max volumes it has a strange little noise when I play it. I tried to listen so I could explain the noise, and the best I could come up with is it makes the sound like when you shake an old light bulb. You know that light rattling sound that makes, that is the sound. It only makes the sound when turned up about 3/4 and up. Is this a sign of something I need to get looked at? Finally, when switching between 3w and 5w, do I need to turn it off for a bit or can I switch it while it is on? Thanks for any help, the manual is kind of flimsy.
It might actually be the tubes rattling. Check to see if they're seated correctly. And when you switch between 3w and 5w, stop playing for a couple of seconds - that's how I do it on my TT.
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