yeah get them past 50 man. I just killed moltres, since I started with charmander and had a charizard by then.
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Just make sure he's poisoned/paralysed/whatever and in really low health and just keep using poke balls. Trust me
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Damn, I need to start playing pokemon again. Which one is overall the best?

I'll say silver. Fire red/Leaf green being second(well to me anyways)
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i can't see it being all that hard. you just have to take down it's health a lot and just keep throwing pokeballs at it. if you can't take down it's health, then you need to level up your pokemon some more. just be sure to save it before you fight it, just in case you kill it or run out of pokeballs or something.

my favorite was Saphire.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
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Damn, I need to start playing pokemon again. Which one is overall the best?

The originals were the best! Red, Blue or Yellow. Easy to get hold of the ROMs to.
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Why Moltres? It's the worst of the three birds and if you need a fire pokemon, get Magmar or Arcanine. Coolness > anything
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im at the part where i choose hitmonchop or hitmonchan witch one?

i like hitmonchan
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leaf green? is that some new shade of blue, red or yellow? ok, then it's not pokemon.